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Dress your skin with APRILSKIN

As the beginning of springApril is seen as a time of new life being bornAprilskin symbolizes the radiant skin that’s beautiful like the sunny days in spring. The term also means the renewalnew skin being born.

APRILSKIN is a natural cosmetic brand that rejuvenates skin cells to reveal beautiful and healthy skin.
APRIL SKIN was established in 2014, and gained popularity with the launch of its Magic Snow Cushion in 2015. The brand’s products are free from irritants and harmful ingredients, and packed with natural components to help skin, such as Jeju cherry blossom extract to smooth and moisturize, and charcoal to purify and condition. The Magic Snow CushionMagic Snow Cream and Magic Stone are the bestselling items among APRIL SKIN’s range of 100% Korea-made cosmeticsskin carebody care and men’s products.

This is my first time to try this brand. I never tried it before since I’m too inlove with the Etude House brand. And to be honest, I regret it, regret of never trying to know some other good brands, cause when you say Korean Beauty Products, there’s a wide variety of selections, All you have to do is to discover and explore. You don’t have to stick to one brand cause actually, there’s so much to try on. And I’m glad, I found April Skin. ❤️

April Skin offers makeup and skincare items. So I decided to try their skincare product first and I’m starting of with this lil amazing guy here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 4.37.13 PM

So this is called the April Skin Magic Snow pad. I got it online at http://www.cycoordi.com

Did you know?

Cycoordi is the first company who brought the April Skin in the UAE and It’s now getting popular in the Middle EastCycoordi is formerly known as eTariq, but they have expanded, and they’ve come up with the idea of changing it’s name to Cycoordi. They are now selling almost all the popular korean brands you may wish to try.So please do check them out. I noted the link above. 👌🏻

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The Magic Snow Pad comes in a white neat packaging that is very similar to face sheet masks.

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The back of the packaging looks like this. The instructions and descriptions of this item is in Korean Characters but there’s a translation at the bottom of it, on which they’ve noted some important things:


Contains Lactobacillus10 other Grain Extracts. 

Remove dead skin cells with Non-irritant pad

Exfoliates & Skin soothing : Gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

100% cotton & microfiber : Provide sensitive skin care with 100% cotton pad and microfiber pad.

Sebum Care : Effectively controls sebum and brighten skin tone.

Cleansing & Hydrating : Pads in gommage type easily remove makeup and nourish and hydrate for smoother skin.

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This pad is purposely made for whitening and removing dead skin cells on your face.I mean, hello? Face is also suffering on dirts so it badly needs a deep cleansing too! I actually have 10 pcs of this.

The site that I’ve mention are offering the product in sets, they are as follows:

Set of 3 : 30 AED
Set of 5 : 45 AED (75 AED original price)
Set of 10: 70 AED (150 AED original price)

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When you open the product, you will see this circular cotton pad soaked in a milk-like water formula. It smellslike milk with a scent of alcohol (but not too strong). I can compare the smell of it closely to cleansers and toners.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 4.37.19 PM

This is the white side of the cotton pad which will bring out all the skin wastes on your face. And that white thing on the pad will help you exfoliate.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 4.37.20 PM

While the blue side will take care the cleansing leaving your skin so soft and smooth after wash.

How to Use

* Gently rub cotton pad (white) on areas with dead skin cells and skin wastes.

* Remove peeling and skin wastes with microfibre pad (sky blue).

Here’s the moment of truth:

Since the white side of the cotton pad has something whitish on it, that is actually what you’re seeing now. You have to spread it all over your face and it will bring out all the dead skin cells as you rub it gently through and through.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 4.37.21 PM
Now, would you believe that this much dirt I got during the process? It totally leaves me speechless! 🤣

On the other hand, the blue side of the cotton pad also plays an impressive role as it cleans all the impuritiesthat the white side brought out. It helps soften and washes out all the dirt on your face. Giving you a deep cleanse experience you need all through out the day.

Final thoughts

What else should I say?! I was amazed, really impressed and satisfied with the magic of April Skin! I never thought that with only one cotton pad, I could achieve this kind of cleansing! Right after wash, there’s a feeling of skin tightening. For me, that’s a good indication that the product is actually effective. It will leave your skin so softglowish and brightening! It is really worth the money!