Full Review : April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

Hi dear readers! I know sometimes skincare can be a little time consuming and down right tedious, let’s admit it! (:

Which is why it’s great to have fun with your skincare regimen. And I’ve got the perfect solution to that – April Skin’s Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack. I just discover this product through this amazing online shop http://www.cycoordi.com – UAE’s no.1 Korean Beauty Shop here in UAE. So make sure you do check them out. (:

I guarantee that this product will have you in a fit of giggles all the while leaving your pores clean and your skin radiant.


Product Information:

  • Contains 51.62% carbonated water to produce an effervescent effect that provides numerous benefits. First, the bubbles work to delivery oxygen to your skin to reduce puffiness and leave it looking more supple and smooth. Second, the carbonation helps remove waste products from your pores to leave your skin looking plump and youthful.  
  •  Includes pink Kaolin clay to absorb impurities from your skin and reduce pore size all the while stimulating circulation, exfoliating and cleansing. 
  •  Offers a whitening and wrinkle repair properties. 


Quick FACTS:

-Removes pore-clogging dirt, debris, oil, and other impurities;

-Helps minimize the look of large pores;

-Brightens complexion for a dazzling clear look;

-Hydrates with naturally derived ingredients and 516,200ppm of carbonated water;

-Leaves complexions feeling softer and smoother



Oh God! The packaging is way too cute! I swear! It comes in a white and pink colored box dressed up with a pop up image of  little cute pinky pig right there. ❤

The carbonated pack is in a circular white tub that is made of soft matte plastic with a pink twist cap — it feels pretty high quality for a high street brand. That’s one of the things I love about K-beauty: even the street brands are always trying to lift their game. And in a niche as competitive as Korean cosmetics, that’s a smart attitude to have.


Also, you will find this little clear spatula which I really like cause with this, it will prevent the germs from spreading into the product.


When I opened the cap, I was hit by the fresh scent of peppermint and something menthol-ish kind of thing. The pack is actually in a pink like gooey texture but has a thick consistency. It’s more like a thick pink paste which starts to bubble almost as soon as it comes in contact with your skin.


I was really surprised to see how much and how quickly the bubbles were formed! I tried to show you this by leaving a small indentation on the foam in the second image. Amazing right? I’ve used several carbonated masks before but none have produced as much foam as April Skin’s Pinky Piggy Pack!


The carbonated pack produced a lot of carbonation ( well, far more than I anticipated ) which is a plus given that it felt like it was cleansing my skin thoroughly.

At the end, my skin felt squeaky clean and my pores a little less prominent.

Funny experience with ’tis bubbly pack:

As many of you know, using carbonated packs tickle. A lot! I had to hop around, yelp and giggle to myself but I think that’s part of the fun with using masks like these!

And a little note fellas! It was a little difficult to wash off and required a little time and patience. 

So that’s my exciting and fun experience with lovely pack, what’s yours? Comment down your experience! (:


Shop the Story:

April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack : https://cycoordi.com/products/as009

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April Skin Pinky Piggy Combo (Carbonated + Collagen) : https://cycoordi.com/products/asbd001

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