Cycoordi Joins Dubai Bloggers’ Conference 2017

It was such a pleasure for us to be part of this event. It was held last sunday, Around 9 am at The Mall Jumeirah. The said event was organized by Ms. Ambreen Umair Zaman, a beauty blogger here in UAE.


It was indeed a perfect spot for this kind of event.

The Hutch Cafe was a cozy place and has a nice ambiance with an overlooking view to Burj Al Arab Hotel and Wild Wadi.

Not to mention the food that The Hutch prepared for this morning. It was so delicious, especially the croissant! Yum!

The Event was participated by 5 sponsors namely The Bubbles Glow Secret, Arden Healthcare, Eclat Nails, Perso Print Dubai and yours truly, Cycoordi.

The Bubbles Glow Secret is popular for it’s Bath treat items that were made 100% all natural. They sell hand made soaps for adults and children that comes in different shapes and designs, Mask packs, mists and their wonderful serums! You can find them in Instagram @bubblesglowsecret Check them out!

Next is, the Arden Healthcare. This company is dedicated in providing the best-sourced natural ingredients to protect and repair your health and beauty naturally. They are known for it’s promising skincare supplement products that will help your skin look more younger and achieve a glowing skin. You can find them in Instagram @ardenhealth and their official website is please do check them out.

Thirdly is the Eclat Nails, they are said to be the premium brand for cutting-edge, stylish finger nails and nail accessories. They pride themselves up on their edgy and classic designs and easy usage of their products. Making easier for you to have a clean and fresh looking nails everyday, all the time in no time! Their official website is and you can find them in Instagram @eclatnailsofficial.


Next is the Perso Print Dubai that is popularly known for their creative designs and personalized stuffs. Mugs, mouse pads, tumblers, calendars, tissue boxes, name plates and all other things that you want to be personalized, they will do it for you! You can find them in Instagram @perso_print_dubai. 

And last but certainly not the least, our pride, Cycoordi!

We are an online shopping mall based in UAE, serving shoppers from all around the world. With professionals for various categories of items from worldwide, we strive to offer you the items and services with the best quality and price.

Among all the sponsors, Cycoordi is the only company that offers a wide variety of Korean products covering not only makeups but also skincares, accessories makeup tools and all related items when it comes to beautification.

We pride ourselves in giving 200% genuine products all the way from Korea to your doorsteps. Our name is your guarantee! You can find us at

Feel free to browse our shop and place an order for 190 aed and above to get the delivery charge for free! You will receive your parcel in 1-2 days!

It was indeed a great experience for each and everyone! To meet and explore new faces and brands! To introduce ourselves not only to the aspiring bloggers who are present on the said event but also to the companies who sponsored the event and made it possible!


Visit Shops in the Story:

Cycoordi :

Bubbles Glow Secret :

Arden Healthcare :

Eclat Nails :

Perso Print Dubai :

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