MustaeV, MAC of Korea

MAC is very popular in the market for it’s quality and wide selections of makeup. They claimed to be the world’s leading professional makeup authority because of their unrivalled expertise in makeup artistry.

On the other hand, Korea launched MustaeV that is very comparable with MAC.

MustaeV is a prestigious Korean makeup artists cosmetic line established in the Seoul’s Cheongdam area known as the beauty mecca of Korea. Launched in 2009, the company is based on more than 60 years of experience in developing and supplying products to international name brand cosmetic companies.

Quick facts about MustaeV:

  • Makeup-dedicated brand with its brush lines, Eyeshadows and basic face make-up

(Especially, wide-range of eyeshadows for 61 colors)

  • No.1 choice for make up artists in Korea and USA, already in at Sephora(Korea, US) and Boots(Korea)


  • Top Quality yet reasonable price


  • Owned by Pharmaceutical Doctor who used to be a vendor for Bobbi Brown and MAC


All MustaeV items are planned, developed, and tested by professional makeup artists in Cheongdam beauty salons. This means that many Korean stars are using MustaeV every day for their TV shows, movies, CF, etc.


MustaeV Eyeshadow

Each MustaeV item is painstakingly designed and tested by a high profile team of makeup artists based in Cheongdam.

Each shade of MustaeV color cosmetics is classified by their PCI (Personal Color Image) system, and MustaeV is able to suggest personal-matching color kits tailored to the needs of each customer. This is what sets MustaeV apart from other cosmetic brands.

They’ve come up with a wide range of eye shadow colors covering the 4 season looks. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


With these selections you can match separately each individual’s personal color.


MustaeV Brushes

Furthermore, MustaeV prides themselves on providing high quality brushes with top quality control standards and using the finest materials. Each brush goes through a 32 stage production process and is completed in the same factory from the hairdressing stage to wrapping and sterilization, so that consistent quality assurance is possible.

During this process each brush is subjected to 7 stages of inspection and 7 stages of quality assurance. The final step takes the brushes through a sterilization process that is used by medical equipment manufacturers to assure the brushes are bacteria free at the time of shipping. Through this systematic control process the highest craftsmanship and quality is guaranteed.


The advantage of MustaeV compare to other Korean Cosmetic Line is that, they are not focused only on one side of cosmetic items. From the tools to the basic makeup product and up to their 61 colors of eyeshadow for me, that’s pretty amazing. Having MustaeV is like having MAC budgetwise. I’ll definitely recommend this.



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